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Swing Dancing on Roller Skate

Jet-i and Jet-I-Masters

Aerial on Roller Skate




Tango Dancing On Roller Skate




Jet-I-Master and Student

Blues, Slow Drag, Full Turn, Half Turn and Dips On Roller Skate





Falling1 Yes Knowing How To Fall



New York  Roller Skate Open

School Of Roller Skating

New York Roller Skate Open is A entertainment Company. 

Under its umbrella is the Bust the Groove Roller Skating Dance Theater. 

Some Of Our missions is to build audiences for and promote Roller Skating Competitions, Social Events, Skate Dance, Theater Performance and Events for people of all ages


New York City is our home office. We are in the planning stages of several kickoff events 2016 here in New York City.


Are you looking for professional Roller Skating Dance Teaching Services? 

New York Roller Skate Open can help you find the optimal solution for your Roller  Dance Skating needs. 

We offer in-depth consultation services with our experienced staff. Who will guide you in your decision making process and be there every step of the way.

New York Roller Skate Open




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